East Memphis
5101 Sanderlin Ave, Suite 125
Memphis, TN 38117


Overton Square
2105 Madison Ave, Suite 205
Memphis, TN 38104


Dianna W

Dianna W instructs the following:
  • Hot Power Vinyasa
  • Hot Power Vinyasa is a creative, dynamic sequence of yoga postures connected in a smooth, almost dance like manner. The practice synchronizes breath with movement and you will move from one posture to the next on either an inhale or exhale. This is a vigorous practice that will both challenge and energize you as you flow through powerful sequences. Expect to sweat and challenge yourself as you build strength and concentration, increase your flexibility, improve your balance and quiet your mind all while having fun. Our room is heated to 90 degrees to allow tissues to relax and the body to detox. Please bring a Mat, Water Bottle, Yoga (non-skid) Towel and a smile. This class is for all levels of Practice and includes standing and balancing postures, backbends, floor postures, inversions and Savasana ( relaxation): class is 75 minutes.

  • Warm Yin Yoga
  • Yin Yoga is a deeply relaxing style of yoga that helps us to release habitual tension, find a meditative pause in our busy lives, and release excess stress. All postures are "floor series" postures done in a gently heated and candlelit room with soothing music.  Each class ends with an extended relaxation and meditation.  This is a truly unique experience offered by Bikram Yoga Memphis to balance your rigorous practices and fast-paced lives.