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WORKSHOP: Food, DIet, Digestion, Ayurveda

This class is taught by:
It's not just what you eat, it's also how you eat, your digestion, sleep, the hidden poison in your food and whatever else comes up. Bring your questions. This will be an informal and educational session. Bring a pen and paper. $20. All the digestive imbalances that we ignore on a daily basis are actually precursors to bigger problems. Ayurveda teaches us that the health of our digestive system is the most important factor for a long and healthy life. What is good digestion? How do you know if you are or aren't digesting your food? What are signs and symptoms of good and not so good digestion? We will talk about these questions along with routines and antidotes that will allow your to digest your current food better.  You may feel immediate results, prevent illness and create a path to a long active life and optimum health!