Click here to register online or sign up at the studio.
You must register at the studio receive the $120 discount price. Please bring some paper and a pen for notes, a pillow and or mat to sit on. Samples of Ayurvedic oils, spices and/or teas may be given out at some workshops depending on the topic.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP: Sunday, September 8th, 12.30 – 2.30pm
Lose weight and keep it off without restrictive diets, militant exercise or diet pills. Ayurvedic tips for weight reduction are powerful yet healthy and gentle. You will learn a different way of looking at food, the important role of digestion, Ayurvedic practices for weight management, how to develop a good daily routine and a new understanding of yourself.

THE SCIENCE OF AYURVEDA: Sunday, September 15th, 12.30 – 2.30pm: You are what you are but do you truly know the science behind your life? Ayurveda teaches we are all unique & require individualized treatment to prevent and cure disease and achieve balanced health. This ancient science explains why we are the way we are, how we got this way, and what we can do to achieve optimal health. In this fun and informative workshop we will cover many things including:     – The 3 Doshas: Vata, Pitta, Kapha
- The 6 stages of Disease and Disease Prevention
- Pranayama, breathing exercises for good health, and much more! 

REDUCE FATIGUE AND INCREASE YOUR ENERGY LEVELS: Sunday, September 22nd, 12.30-2.30pm
What would it be like if you could double or triple the amount of energy you have every day? Did you know your energy levels are related to your digestion? In this workshop we will look at what is draining our energy causing fatigue and how to remedy this with food, nutrition, routines, Ayurvedic practices and techniques to help us cultivate abundant energy throughout the day.

 REDUCE STRESS, ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION AND SLEEP BETTER THEN EVER: Sunday, September 29th, 12.30-2.30: Using various Ayurvedic techniques, we will discuss and examine ways to improve your sleep and stress management, reasons why we experience anxiety and depression, and strategies to help us become more calm and balanced to experience daily inner peace.





JOSEPH ENCINIA IS BACK! Saturday, October 20th, 2 – 5pm $40
Want to elevate your practice? Need a strong dose of pure inspiration? Then come and receive more knowledge about Bikram’s yoga from one of the greatest yoga champions of our day, Joseph Encinia. You’ll learn more about Bikram’s yoga in an easy to digest format. You’ll gain comprehensive insight into each and every posture. Come with questions, they’ll be answered! If you have issues with anything specific about Bikram Yoga then this clinic is for you!

On Saturday October 20, 2012 from 2 – 5pm Joseph will be teaching class in a “stop and learn” format; we’ll go through every posture and stop if there are questions to disect and learn. It will be an informative class with a comprehensive analysis on all the poses.  Cost is $40 to attend on Saturday, October 20, 2-5pm. Sign up online or at the studio. Please note, this workshop replaces the 4.30pm class on that day.

Joseph will also teach on Sunday October 21 at 9am. This class will be a regular 90 minute class, no cost.

Are you ready to try Bikram Yoga? This is your perfect opportunity!  On Saturday, August 18th the Memphis yoga community is offering a day of free yoga. Class times are 9am, 11am and 4.30pm. The studio opens 1/2 hour before each class. New students please read our new students page to know how to prepare and what to expect: Don’t be intimidated. It will be the best thing you’ve ever done. Be prepared to sweat, have fun and feel great!! Class space is limited so please arrive early.

Sunday, June 24th: 12.30pm

This workshop is designed for all students to gain a better understanding of the postures and help you get the most out of your yoga practice. We will go through the whole class  focusing on the technical part of each posture.  Bring your yoga mat, towel, water, questions and happy smiling face!

You must pre-register to attend the workshop. Workshop is limited to 30 students. Sign up at the studio or online: Click here to sign-up online


Wednesday, June 13th, 2012: 11am – 6.30pm
with guest teacher Kylee Brinkman
Kylee will be teaching the 4.30pm class.


 Join Bikram Yoga Memphis on Wednesday, June 13th from 11am – 6.30pm for a trunk show with La La Land Comfy Wear hosted by Kylee Brinkman from Bikram Yoga Nashville.  Kylee will be the guest teaching the 4.30pm class that day!

About La La Land Comfy Wear: Imagine the happiest moment you ever experienced in your life. That moment when every atom in your body is glowing, connected fully at play with life. Your being is one mind, body, and spirit. There is no separation and everything works!

In this place, Life itself occurs as it is… a beautiful wonderful gift. Time does not exist, everything is possible, magic is real and miracles happen! The unexpected and unpredictable are common place, there is total fulfillment, fun and love is everywhere! This is LaLaLandMy Happy Place”.

I find La La Land most often in my yoga practice. It is there that I experience my bliss, my daily inspiration, and where I renew each day my lust for life! It is there where I find my heart, my soul, and my moon. It is there where I push myself and stretch my soul. It is this expression of what La La Land is for me , that I put into our comfy yoga clothing and active wear.

Everybody has their La la Land, what do you call it?

La la Land is committed to quality, service, and design.  And most of all to you, your well being, satisfaction, and LOVE OF LIFE!


HEALING WAYS II (with basic sprouting class)
Food, Nutrition & Health Seminar with Balewa
Sunday, September 25th
Time: 7.3opm – 9.30pm
Price: $25 – Balewa’s Gourmet Vegan Food will be served!
Bring a pen, paper, yoga mat and pillow to sit on.
Take your Health into your own Hands. Learn what constitutes a healthy diet, the cause of most common diseases, how to lose unwanted weight, how to have more energy and much more! Important information for you, your family and your friends. Healthcare is your constitutional right.

Satuday, August 27, 8.30am, join Christine with Lululemon for a free one hour Bikram Yoga class. Everyone welcome! Bring your yoga mat, large towel and water. The class will be held outside in the Ben & Jerry’s open area.