Bikram Yoga Memphis offers the most unique, effective and thorough Hot Yoga class in the world.  Bikram’s step-by-step method of instruction will guide even the most novice practitioner through his precisely designed and copywritten sequence of 26 hatha yoga postures.  The result is a safe, effective and invigorating experience that can and should be practiced as often as possible, regardless of your current fitness level.  The series is done in a heated room which allows for deeper and safer stretching, with less risk of injury.  Additionally, the heat helps with metabolism, increasing the heart rate for an aerobic and cardiovascular workout, not to mention a major detox!  Stretching, sweating and smiling at BYM will do more for your health, body and general well-being than you ever imagined possible.  As a new student, you can purchase your first month of unlimited yoga at the studio. To learn more about how to prepare for your first class, please visit our New Students pages.